brooks d-shaped tool bag BROOKS D-Shaped Tool Bag BROOKS D-Shaped Tool Bag d shaped aged2
brooks d-shaped tool bag
brooks d-shaped tool bag
d shaped honeybrooks d-shaped tool bag2

BROOKS D-Shaped Tool Bag


這款saddle bag 非常值得推薦,因為是非常實用又質料很好的袋。主要用在BROOKS 的鞍座後方,可以擺放手機,鑰匙,太陽眼鏡等等。重點是可以拆下外套,直接拿出當作是小小的 clutch 使用,非常貼心的設計。BROOKS 早於1910年便已設計出此產品。

A very convenient and useful saddle bag with excellent quality. Can keep your mobile phone, keys or sunglasses, etc. The sleeve allows you to take out the bag and use it as a clutch easily, a very friendly design.

(External w/sleeve;Internal)
Width: 170mm 150mm
Depth: 50mm 35mm
Height: 100mm 80mm



BROOKS D-Shaped Tool Bag


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