BROOKS Piccadilly Leather Knapsack 皮革背包


其實也是意料之外的事。話說有一位客人經我們訂了一個 BROOKS 的車頭袋。見好實物後覺得非常漂亮所以好奇心驅使下就訂了這個背囊。原本是喜歡它簡潔的外形。之後發現這個顏色原來非常漂亮(這紅色是今年新出)。雖然整個都是皮革製,但質感柔軟得來依然能保持形狀,而且十分輕巧。所以覺得這個值得推薦給大家。BROOKS 是全球最有名的一間英國專門生產單車皮製品(例如座位 saddle,手把 hand grip,背囊 backpack)的品牌。今年將會是 150年歷史。

The Piccadilly is a versatile knapsack that epitomizes simple timeless elegance and the freedom associated with arriving on two wheels under your own power. It may also be carried as a handbag, easily adapting to your modern way of living. The backpack is very lightweight and made with vegetable tanned leather yet it can keeps in good shape. Therefore we suggest it to all of you.

Volume 12 l
Width 28 cm
Height 40 cm
Depth 11 cm


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BROOKS Piccadilly Leather Knapsack 皮革背包


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