Goat Mug 羊角形咖啡杯


2015年我們在 Kickstarter 發現它,就第一時間帶它回來。設計團隊是一群來自東歐斯洛文尼亞的年輕設計師們,是一個非常劃時代的咖啡杯。皮套不僅可以用來隔熱,還可以變成杯子的最好底座。喜歡咖啡或創意設計的你又怎能錯過?

A very innovative coffee mug by a young team of designers from Slovenia. The shape is very iconic and we had waited for so long for the production just to pass the test of the shape.  The leather holder could also be the best stand for the muf itself. A must-have item for coffee and design lovers.

﹣不含 BPA

12oz / 340ml

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Goat Mug 羊角形咖啡杯


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