KILEY Retro Front Light 復古頭燈


之前試過很多其他的都非常容易「斷頸」,非常不實用。這個KILEY 復古頭燈用了另一個設計,強韌得多。店長親身使用常常踩非常顛簸的路面也未試過斷。有兩種版本:鍍鋅金屬 與 ABS 樹脂。前者有手感,後者主要輕量有不失美觀。喜歡復古風 classic style 的朋友不可缺少。

We have some many these kinds of retro style front light before and they are quite easy to break the neck. This one adopts another design which makes it much more durable. There are 2 version : Metal and ABS. The former is with very good quality and the latter one is more lightweight. Recommended for all retro-style lovers.

﹣材質:鍍鋅金屬 / ABS 樹脂
﹣光度:105 lumen
﹣常開 6hrs / 閃 20hrs
﹣98 x 66 x 66mm
﹣電池:4 x AAA


*rear and front light are required by law to be switched on after sunset whether you are riding on road or bike lane.

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KILEY Retro Front Light 復古頭燈


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