KILEY Retro Rear Light 復古尾燈


KILEY 復古前燈天生一對,非常復古的設計,有一個鐵的外罩之餘,重點是同時間連著反光板,一物兩用,不需另外故意再加一塊。可以安裝再泥擋亦可以安裝在車尾 brake 上。如果嫌麻煩不懂安裝,可直接帶單車上來我們可以免費幫你。

a perfect match with the KILEY retro rear light. Comes with a metal cover and with reflector at the same time. Could be installed on fenders or simply on the rear brake. Free installation service is provided if you bring your bike along.

﹣光度:10 lux
﹣附有反光板 融為一體
﹣兩個模式:常開 70hrs / 閃 280hrs
﹣70 x 67 x 48mm
﹣電池:2 x AAA
﹣附送原廠掛架,可直接安裝在後 brake,不需泥擋


*rear and front light are required by law to be switched on after sunset whether you are riding on road or bike lane.

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KILEY Retro Rear Light 復古尾燈


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