ORONTAS Organic Cleaner 有機油跡分解清潔液


來自加拿大的有機油跡分解清潔液。主要用來清洗單車鏈回復順滑,亦可以同來清理所有油性污跡。重點是全由加拿大提煉而成,完全沒有一般討厭的天拿水臭機油味,店長Q 開玩笑說差點以為可以用來潤膚。用法非常簡單,只需將 cleaner 噴在單車鏈上然後用布抹就可完全分解油跡再用舊布抹一抹,補充一點潤滑劑,之後就會變回新一樣。

Made in Canada, this is the best organic bicycle clean for de-greasing that we have come across. Without any bad smell that you could find on traditional cleaners, it’s very easy for applying to cleaner your bike chain regularly. (see video below) Simply apply and use a used cloth to wipe. After that, apply a new layer of lubricant. Everything become brand new again~

-有機 Organic
-non-toxic, biodegradable and petroleum free
-無任何電油、天拿水臭味  stink free


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ORONTAS Organic Cleaner 有機油跡分解清潔液

1. 拆下車輪
2. 均勻地噴在整條單車鏈
3. 用舊布抹掉,即刻清除所有塵垢和油跡
4. 噴上 ORONTAS type A 或 type B 潤滑劑
5. 大約每100km 公里一次或按自己需要(店長建議可大約3個月至半年一次)

1. Dismount bike
2. Spray chain thoroughly
3. Wipe down chain with any old reusable rag
4. Re-apply ORONTAS TYPE A or B lubricant
5. Repeat every 10 Scandinavian miles (100km/60miles) or as needed

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