ORONTAS Grease 有機雪油


同樣是ORONTAS 的出品,不過這個就是美國製造。主要功用是塗在關節,hubs,鵝頸,坐管,螺絲,剎車線管,剎車線,headset 等等所有鐵和鐵的接觸面。可以說是保養單車和保持暢順不能偷懶的功夫之一。
*請留意此東西與 lubricant 潤滑劑不同

Also from ORONTAS, this one is proudly produced in USA. Made for painting on bearings to reduce wear and protect from corrosion making it ideal for joints, hubs, stems, posts, cables, threaded assemblies, headsets and bottom brackets.
*this is not lubricant which is mainly for applying on chain

-110g Tube (4 OZ)


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ORONTAS Grease 有機雪油

1. 盡量清潔乾淨表面
2.  make sure 不殘留任何其他溶解或去油清潔劑
3. 以最少分量完全涂在表面每一處
4. 如之後沾染其他污跡例如塵垢或液體之類,請重新再來一次

How to use
1. Clean application surface area as best possible
2. Ensure there’s no solvent left after cleaning that could degrade the grease
3. Apply as little grease as possible but coat areas completely
4. Change grease when it has become contaminated with other fluids or dirt


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