SlideAway Rear Light 座管尾燈


來自 SlideAway 設計的一個非常具實用又漂亮的座管 seat post 連尾燈。形狀非常簡潔,手感非常不錯,拿上手就能感受到。使我們去年在台灣單車展首次發現的東西。SlideAway 一直是高皆 roadbike 的鋼管車架生產商,所以質量一定有保證。

A very useful and minimal design for both seat post clamp and rear light. The quality is very good. It was discovered when we visited the bike show last year in Taipei. SlideAway is one of the top-notch steel roadbike frame producers.

-電池:2 x LR1130
-外徑 28.6 mm 的立管,然後適合管徑 27.2 mm
-另外具有彈性亦可適用於純粹掛在 seat post 上


*rear and front light are required by law to be switched on after sunset whether you are riding on road or bike lane.

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SlideAway Rear Light 座管尾燈


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