VEEKA Cycling Gloves 皮 X 棉單車手套(歐洲國旗版)


店長一直都很想找一對皮手套適合踩單車的時候戴,但又不可以用一般在時裝店看到的。今次我們找到這個來自加拿大的 Veeka 單車手套,復古風格我們一看就愛上。這個是歐洲國旗版的棉+皮版舒服而且透氣,特別有彈性之餘顏色亦有不同漂亮的顏色,男生女生都同樣適合。

We have been looking for a leather gloves for biking for awhile. We love the VEEKA gloves at first glance as it looks very vintage and is good for ventilation. This one is the colour version of different countries, very stylish and suitable for both boys and girls!

-人手織棉 hand woven cotton
-真皮,植鞣皮革 vegetable tanned leather
-掌心有特製麂皮軟墊 Non stretch, quick drying vegan suede on palm
-掌心防滑矽膠紋加強操控感 Non slip silicone on palm for added grip and protection
-請參閱以下尺碼表 see size chart below

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VEEKA Cycling Gloves 皮 X 棉單車手套(歐洲國旗版)


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