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all tokyobike models 2020 MONO  vintage orange 1660x1107

tokyobike MONO (New 2020)
“MONO” 意思是 「一」,tokyobike 中沒有波段的單速單車。「一」也是 TOKYO BIKE MONO 是 Tokyo Bike 的原點,重新去發現踩單車是這樣的輕鬆自在。
“Mono” is “One”,  means it is a single-speed tokyobike. Easy to start paddling and quick response. 

all tokyobike models cs ivory

tokyobike CS
tokyobike 中最受歡迎的型號,設計復古但同時非常簡約,配備 shimano 8個波段,超級敏捷和舒適,是店長最愛亦是店長的車
the most popular member of tokyobike family, with a very retro-style appearance yet very minimal. equipped with Shimano 8 gears , it provide comfortability and agility that other city bikes can’t offer. this is our favourite.

tokyobike 26 hong kong 香港 26 willow  all tokyobike models CS26 Willow 2

tokyobike CS-26
2017年新版本的 CS,配備26“車輪令你的旅程更舒暢更穩定。另車身採用了60%霧面的處理,時刻能夠保持最潔淨的狀態。
the 2017 latest version of the most popular tokyobike CS, equipped with 26″ wheel to provide you with most stable and comfortable ride. The 60% matte finish also keeps your bike at the cleanest condition without effort.

all tokyobike models bisou blue jade 1

tokyobike BISOU
tokyobike 中最悠閒型號,最大特點是車身向下傾斜方便上落,另外M型手把亦令你踩的時候能夠坐直,保持最輕鬆愉悅的心情
the most leisurely model of  all tokyobike. the top tube is downward and the big M-shaped handle keep you always in a up-straight pose during your journey and thus letting you the most joyful mood all day.

all tokyobike models 20 brick 1

tokyobike 20 (Limited)
tokyobike 中唯一的小輪型號,更加方便收藏和攜帶,所有車身顏色皆為霧面,同樣有8個波段
the only mini velo in tokyobike family, making it’s the most convenient one for storing at home or carrying. All the frame are with matt finishing. Also comes with 8 gears.

tokyobike ss ltd  all tokyobike models 131007160104 2

tokyobike SS (Limited)
tokyobike 中的 fixed gear / 單速型號,與 CS 同樣復古簡約。因為少了波段和所有不必要的細節,所以是各型號中最輕的。
the fixed gear / single speed model of tokyobike. also in vintage style like CS but without the gears and unnecessary details, making it the most lightweight model also.

tokyobike sport9s  all tokyobike models 110228175016 2

tokyobike SPORT9s
tokyobike 中最 sporty 最快最輕的型號。和其他型號不同,全車的零件包括車輪、把手、座墊都是黑色,製作出最速度但簡潔的結晶
the most sporty and speedy model of tokyobike. all the parts including wheel, grip and saddle are all in black, making it the most speedy yet minimalistic sporty bike in town

little tokyobike  all tokyobike models 190429 072057 1

little tokyobike
the cutest tokyobike never seen! The Best Partner for kids to start riding!