BISOU surf blue


靈感來自於店長一直覺得白色是非常 elegant 的顏色,所以襯上 copper 的配件應該會非常特別,結果真的非常優雅。另外鬍子型手把亦是重點之一,令到整體感覺悠閒舒服之餘增添一點紳士味道。


inspiration from we always think the white is the most elegant color and it shall looks great with copper accessories. And it does. The “mustache” handlebar makes the whole CS looks more gentleman and at the same time give you a more relaxing ride.

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customization list

*tokyobike BISOU surf blue $5,050
tokyobike silver aluminium fenders $480
KENDA maroon tires $680
CRANE brass bell $150

prices are for rough reference only, please refer to online store for the most updated price.

tokyobike bisou surf blue  BISOU surf blue bisou surf blue