tokyobike 20 matte brick tokyobike 20 TOKYOBIKE 20 brick new
matte brick (limited color!)

tokyobike 20 是 tokyobike 中的小輪徑20吋(451)系列。特別是更小巧的設計之餘,同樣地非常好踩。車身的總長度比其他型號短了6吋,更加容易在家中收納。另外這亦屬於限量生產型號,上年年中曾經返過一次貨,不過迅速賣完,今次非常幸運地從 tokyobike 那邊添加少量存貨,加上都是瓦面,屬於tokyobike 中非常罕有的配搭。

tokyobike 20 is one of the most popular yet rare models among tokyobike. It’s small yet very agile and comfortable to ride on. One would just easily fall in love with it due to it’s handy size which just fits for the home size in Hong Kong. Same as CS, it comes with 8 gears and quick release front and rear wheel. What’s special is it comes with ivory tires thus making it’s the most stylish colour combination together with the brown saddle and grip.

規格 spec
• 車架材料:Full Cr-Mo Steel
• 車架大小:55 cm (M)
• 波段:Shimano Acera 8速 w/ Rapidfire shift lever
• 車輪:(20″ x 1-1/8, 451) 銀色車輪圈 w/ 象牙白色外胎
• 其他:Semi-up handlebars with brown grips & brown saddle
• 重量:11kg
• 適合身高:160cm or above

價錢 price

tokyobike 20 TOKYOBIKE 20              2021 07 14       11
*觀塘門市支援使用電子消費券 (了解更多)
*supports consumption voucher scheme (more info.)

*匯豐/渣打信用可享 12或 24 個月免息分期 (門市獨家優惠)
*12 or 24 months interest-free instalment for HSBC / Standard Chartered Credit card

聯絡店長購買/查詢 enquiry
whatsapp (+852) 9312 8538


tokyobike 20 matte brick tokyobike 20 TOKYOBIKE 20 brick new

matt brick
(只剩 M size, 最後一部)

special about tokyobike20

嬌小的車身 依然的舒適

因為小輪的關係,20 比 CS, BISOU 等其他系列的車身更短(6”),令你更加容易收納和攜帶

shorter frame yet same comfortability

as it’s with a smaller wheel size, this make the whole bike shorter compare to CS, BISOU ,etc for around 6″. This allows you the largest convenience for carrying and storing at home.


所有 tokyobike 20 系列的車身顏色都是霧面的,與其他 tokyobike 所有系列都不同,而且亦很少單車是霧面顏色的

matt frame

all mini series comes with a matt finishing of the frame. this makes it different from CS, BISOU and other series. actually it’s also rare to see this on other bikes.


tokyobike 20 系列全部都是原本就配置了象牙白色胎 (ivory tire),和原本的深啡色座墊襯出來非常復古,非常有 style!

ivory tires

all tokyobike 20 comes with ivory tires which makes it the most retro-style and stylish bike in town!

tokyobike 20 in town

something that you want to know…

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tokyobike plus
see how to customize it to your very personal style

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哪裡有好地方可以踩著 tokyobike 去?
any nice place I can discover with my tokyobike?

tokyobike 20 TOKYOBIKE 20 160130 154710

get some nice accessories~

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tokyobike 20 和主人的故事
 story about tokyobike 20 and her owner