tokyobike Sport9s

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tokyobike Sport9s 是 tokyobike 中最 sporty 可以踩得最快既型號。全車的零件 parts 都係黑色(包括 saddle、手把、車輪 rim、鵝頸等等)。另外車身鋼架的顏色亦有不同全部都是瓦面處理非常特別。和其他型號 tokyobike 的復古風格不同,黑色給人神秘型格的感覺。

tokyobike Sport9s is the most sporty model which assists you to reach the highest speed. Also, all the details and parts are in black which makes it the most unique sport bike in town. The frame also comes in 100% matt finish (not reflective). Unlike other tokyobike models which are more retro-style, Sport9s is rather cool and gives a feeling of mystery, especially the matt black.

規格 spec
• 車架材料:Full Cr-Mo Steel
• 車輪:(650c x 25″) 黑色車輪圈 w/ 全黑色外胎
• 波段:Shimano Sora 9-speed with Rapid-fire shift lever
• 其他:Flat handlebars with black grips & black saddle, and matte finish
• 重量:10.5kg (53 cm)

大小 size
150-165cm > S
160-175cm > M
170-180cm > L

查詢 enquiry
whatsapp (+852) 9312 8538


價錢 price

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matt black

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matt mint

more about Sport9s

最sporty 可以踩得最快的 tokyobike

tokyobike Sport9s 有九個波段,選用輕量的零件,另外配置的手把和座墊都能夠助你你能以最快的速度騎行。


所有 tokyobike Sport9s 系列的車身顏色都是瓦面的,與其他 tokyobike 所有系列都不同,而且亦很少單車是瓦面顏色的


tokyobike Sport9s 上的所有零件都是全黑色,除了用來營造獨特的設計風格,每個部分包括座墊、手把、hand grip、腳踏、飛輪等等的設計上全部都有所不同,有興趣請來看看試踩。

the most lightweight and speedy tokyobike

equipped with Shimano 9 gears, flat handle bar and slim saddle, this allows you to ride in most speedy posture. Also without unnecessary details and the choice of lightweight parts also contribute to its highest speed possibility.

100% matt finish frame

All sport9s frame are in 100% matt finish (not reflective). This makes it different from CS, BISOU and other series. Actually it’s also rare to see this on other bikes.

all black parts and details

What makes Sport9s different from other bike is the all black parts combination with the frame. Not just about the colour but the parts itself are also different which gives you the most speedy cycling possibility. 

something that you want to know…

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哪裡有好地方可以踩著 tokyobike 去?
any nice place I can discover with my tokyobike?

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get some nice accessories~