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tokyobike SS 是 tokyobike 中的單速/ fixed gear 型號,亦是所有型號中最輕的 (M size 只有9.4g)。特別之處是後輪採用 flip-flop 的設計,只要簡單調轉就可以隨時變換單速/fixed gear。另外,一般 fixed gear 顏色會比較鮮艷或線條比較粗狂,而佢既整體感覺就非常簡潔復古。

tokyobike SS is the lightest mode in tokyobike. The flip-flop hubs design making could be easily changeable between being a single speed and a fixed gear bike. This limited edition also comes with Brooks saddle and grips, making it looks most stylish from day one.

規格 spec
• 車架材料:Full Cr-Mo Steel
• 波段:Single Speed (with *flip-flop hub, see features)
• 其他:Semi-up handlebars with Brooks Saddle and Grip
• 車胎:650x25C 白邊黑胎
• 重量:9.4kg (53 cm)

大小 size
150-165cm > S
160-175cm > M
170-180cm > L

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2016 正常版

blue enamel


special about tokyobikeSS

flip-flop hubs:是單速 亦是 fixed gear

 flip-flop 的特別設計,令後轆有兩個不同的玩法。單速可以用手掣剎車和溜車,是最輕鬆的騎行方法。如果掉轉安裝,就可以變成 fixed gear,換成用腳剎車。隨時可以轉換兩種踩發,隨你喜歡。

flip-flop hubs : both single speed and fixed gear

flip-flop hubs allowing one side of the rear wheel to be in single speed (using hand brake for braking and can slide on bike) while the other side is a fixed gear which you can braking by using your legs. You could change this whenever you want.


因為是單速的關係,沒有後飛輪組和變速器系統,所以 SS 型號是最簡潔和最輕量的,亦沒有任何一點多餘的細節。

the lightest tokyobike

without the gear sets and shifting system, this make SS the lightest model of all tokyobike. Besides, no redundant parts could be found on it.

Brooks 英國製皮革座墊 & 把手

tokyobike SS Ltd 是限量型號,除了顏色是獨有之外,座墊和手把都配備了名廠英國製作的Brooks。一來就已經最有質感。

Brooks Saddle and Grip (made in England)

as this is a limited version of SS, the saddle and grip are both comes with leather saddle and grip which are made in England by Brooks making the bikes looks in the best style from day one. 

something that you want to know…

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哪裡有好地方可以踩著 tokyobike 去?
any nice place I can discover with my tokyobike?

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